BeoLab 8002 Box Packaging

BeoLab 8002 / 8000 Packaging Boxes


Direct from Bang & Olufsen factory in Denmark a brand new original BeoLab 8000 box, one size fits all models of BeoLab 8000 speakers.

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1 x Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 8000 box with foam mounds at each end to hold the speakers in place. Foam paper to wrap speakers in. Two polypropylene handles at each end of the box. The box is the official Bang & Olufsen box for worldwide transport. This is the box for only the top half of the speakers, the cast iron feet will need a separate box which can be added (but is not essential).

Cast iron feet:

The BeoLab 8000 speakers both have a cast iron base, which needs to be posted separately to the speakers for safety and most career services will not take parcels over 20kg. As the aluminium speakers are delicate and easy to scratch we always urge our customers to transport them in their original boxes. If you have a strong box then the feet of the BeoLab 8000 can be boxed safely but again we urge that you really package them well. The easier way is to buy the boxes for the feet but because of their construction they do not come cheap, you can add this to your order at the top of the page.


Weight 4 kg
Cast Iron Feet Box (Optional)

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