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BeoGram 6500 Tangential Record Deck (New MMC5 Stylus)


A fantastic BeoGram 6500 record deck fitted with a newly refurbished MMC5 Stylus. Highly sought after being one of the last produced deck from B&O. Professionally packed and ready for worldwide shipping.

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B&O –¬†BeoGram 6500 Tangential Record Deck + NEW MMC5 Stylus

The BeoSystem 6500 is largely regarded as one of the finest systems ever produced by B&O. The BeoGram 6500 Record Deck being the star of the show with its revolutionary tangential tracking arm. Built-in RIAA pre-amplifier, meaning you can just “plug in and play” with any modern B&O system through an AUX or similar connection. A beautiful example of a BeoGram 6500 record deck.


A stunning BeoGram 6500, sounding amazing and fitted with a new MMC5 stylus. Scratches to the lid as many of these turntables are prone to have, hold the condition of the system back to an 8/10. Photos to follow shortly.

Bang & Olufsen - BeoGram 6500 record deck

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