BeoLab 3

BeoLab 3

BeoLab 3 Active Loudspeakers – A firm favourite of Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts designed by David Lewis. These beautiful, very powerful, round speakers are a similar design to the BeoLab 2 Sub-Woofer. An acoustic masterpiece with the same Acoustic Lens and ICEPower® technology used in the B&O flagship speakers BeoLab 5. The speakers produce 180 degrees of high-frequency sound and a powerful rated output of 250 watts. Suitable for wall, floor or table mounting, they take up very little space whilst losing none of the power or precision of the Bang & Olufsen experience.

In the B&O price range, the speakers come in between BeoLab 6000 and BeoLab 8000 and perform equally well in rear surround-sound position or as main speakers. BeoLab 3 are fitted with ICEPower amplifiers, meaning all you need to stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad to your BeoLab 3 is a Playmaker / Apple Express.

The BeoLab 3’s have to be the most versatile and compact active speakers in the Bang & Olufsen range. Mounted on either rubber table bases (nickname: donuts), mounted on the wall, on bar stock aluminium table stands or on tall floor stands. The floor stands and wall brackets have the ability to hide cables through them. Factory set with three different mounting angles, they truly are fantastic speakers.

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