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2 PIN DIN Speaker Cables for Bang & Olufsen CX (Pair) in Grey

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2 PIN DIN Speaker Cables for Bang & Olufsen CX (2x 3meter cables) in Grey

These cables will fit almost all B&O audio systems manufactured up to 1990 and are ideal for the “S”, “C” and “CX” ranges of compact B&O loudspeakers, eg. S35, C40, CX50 and CX100. They use slim-line 7-strand speaker wire and factory-fitted DIN plugs.

Item is comprised of two audio cables to allow you to connect a pair of conventional (ie. Passive) loudspeakers into your Bang and Olufsen hifi system using the 2-pin DIN speaker sockets, where the loudspeakers have either 2-pin DIN sockets, spring terminals or screw-down binding posts

These cables can also be used as “extension speaker cables” if your existing cables are not long enough. The slimline cables are finished in grey with a marker on the positive wire to help with making connections to the speakers.  Each cable has a 2-pin DIN plug (Male) at one end and a 2-pin DIN socket (Female) at the other end, but one of these can easily be cut off to give bared ends if required for connection to loudspeakers with spring terminals or screw-down binding posts, making it suitable for most passive loudspeakers.

The cable profile reduces cross-talk and impedance, giving a cleaner, clearer sound.

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