BeoGram 4500
Bang and Olufsen Record Deck
Bang and Olufsen BeoGram 4500
Bang and Olufsen Turntable

BeoGram 4500 Tangential Record Deck with New MMC4 Stylus


In near mint condition a beautiful BeoGram 4500 record deck. Highly sought after being the last produced deck from B&O. Professionally packed ready for Worldwide shipping.

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BeoGram 4500 Tangential Record Deck Fitted With MMC4 Stylus

A very similar machine to the BeoGram 9500, the only difference being that the Beogram 4500 was fitted with a built-in RIAA pre-amplifier. The deck is hard-wired with a 7-pin DIN socket for connection to the AUX socket on other Bang & Olufsen audio systems. The Beogram 4500 was one of the last turntables to be offered by B&O.


The system is in excellent condition and has been very well looked after. Fitted with the super light MMC4 cartridge (RRP £300). Some light discolouring on the aluminum platter (shown in photo 3). Overall we would mark the cosmetic condition a high 9/10. Please view photo for more details.


The system is in original packaging, shipping via 24 hour courier service with a cost of £24.99 for anywhere within the UK. Please get in touch for overseas shipping.

Bang & Olufsen - BeoGram 4500

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